Quick massage 30 minutes

lingam massage 

1800 Kč

Quick massage Exclusive 30 minutes

2200 Kč

Erotic massage Body to Body 60 minutes

A very relaxing massage in which the masseuse is naked, massages her whole body, both breasts and buttocks. At the end of the massage hand climax with happy ending.

2400 Kč

Erotic massage Exclusive/Mutual 60 minutes

A meaningful intimate massage where our clients lose track of time. The massage can also be given to the masseuse, touching of intimate areas is allowed and it ends in a view 69

3300 Kč

Erotic massage Body to Body 90 minutes

3200 Kč

Erotic massage Exclusive/Interesting 90 minutes

4300 Kč

Erotic massage Body to Body 120 minutes

4200 Kč

Couples massage with one masseuse 60 minutes

Couples massage is a great way for both partners to relax, unwind and deepen their mutual desires

3600 Kč 

Erotic massage 2 masseuses 60 minutes

For lovers who like to be surrounded by masseuses

4700 Kč

The difference between B2B and Mutual Exclusive 

  • While B2B massage is one of the most popular massages around the world, each salon has different rules and conditions. 
  • In our B2B massage as well as each other, a shared shower is included (not a requirement if you don't prefer and prefer peace of mind), quality rituals, scented designer candles, the opportunity to request your own music from the masseuse during the massage.
  •  We don't use synthetic massage oils but natural coconut - we don't want to introduce chemically modified products into the body because we care about the quality of the skin. 
  • The menu includes water in glass, spilled water with lemon or Pepsi cola in a can.
  • The massage itself is done with hot natural oil. The course of the massage can vary with each of the masseuses. (each has different know-how including a hand-me-down style) 
  • Typical course - massage starts from the legs to the neck (trapeze, cervical spine) - if the massage is longer than 90 minutes the course is also adapted to the length of i.e. massaging the hands, arms, palms up to the tips of the toes. It is also possible to arrange a facial massage with the masseuse if you have time left after the happy ending:)
  • To the erotic part- Irritating weak spots all over your body, cuddling, body to body- when the masseuse rubs hot oil on her body nicely and glides over your body, both from the back and the front. (buttocks and breasts) 
  • In a mutual, the body is longer on the body, more intense (in the penis) and the overall course has a greater erotic charge. (some of the masseuses like to sigh and focus on the erogenous zones of the ears)
  • ! TOUCHES !
  •  For the B2B variant, touches on the breasts and buttocks are permitted. 
  • For the Mutual variant, touches are allowed everywhere- since the name creeps out that the massage is mutual, thus also on intimate parts.
  • The conclusion itself is done by stroking, teasing, massage lingam to the very end. 
  • After speaking with a masseuse, it is possible to apply the termination to the breasts or buttocks.
  •  Both options are finished in a view of 69 (they don't have to if you don't like this option and prefer to look at the breasts:) 
  • Our massages are individual within the framework of decency and respect for the masseuse.
  • We know that pussycat massages are popular, however our massages are performed in a view of 69 not by oral satisfaction for reasons of hygiene- So please respect that and don't ask these questions.
  •  Every masseuse is groomed, in underwear or a dressing gown- the massage itself is done without clothes. 
  • Thank you for your kindness and respect for the masseuses.

  • Upon arrival, you will meet the masseuse and arrange the massage option and details, if not specified in advance with the operator or in our booking system